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Scandinavians Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrisson are highly regarded fashion designers, textile artists, YouTubers and authors. They are best known for their original, colourful and visually striking designs as well as their knitwear and their books. Their work is highly influenced by their Scandinavian background and their everyday life in rural Norway. They work under their artist name ARNE & CARLOS, which they established in 2001.

Not only are ARNE & CARLOS well known designers, they are also keen gardeners and they have created an English-style garden where they live, up in the mountains in Norway.

They get inspired by traveling around the world, and for a few years now they have been inviting their followers to join them on knitting cruises along the Norwegian coast, which have been very popular! Since it became apparent that knitters often have an interest in gardens as well - garden tours were introduced, first in England and now also in Italy.

Welcome to ARNE & CARLOS' journeys!